Public Officials

Contact listed city officials at (325) 823 – 2411 during office hours.

Anson City Hall office hours are Monday – Friday from 8am – 4pm.

City Council Members: telephone contact for Council 325-823-2411

  • Mayor, Sara Alfaro, 
  • Alderman Place I, Linda Powell, 
  • Alderman Place II, Gilbert Baladez, 
  • Alderman Place III, Misti Seay,
  • Alderman  Place IV, April Buchanan,
  • Alderman Place V, Robbie Patterson, 

City Manager – Sonny Campbell, 

Municipal Judge – DeAnn Powers, 

Chief of Police – Daniel Graziose,

City Secretary – LeeAnn Blankenship, 

Economic and Developmental Information

AEDC – Anson Economic Development Corporation

IDC – Industrial Development Corporation

For more information regarding the AEDC or IDC

please contact (325) 823 – 2411 during office hours.